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Sync Shopify and all your apps

Whalesync lets you sync data between Shopify and all your other apps. Simple, reliable, two-way sync— without writing code.
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Instant, two-way sync Shopify and all your other apps

Whalesync makes it easy to connect your tools so you can update data anywhere and know it will get updated everywhere.

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Syncing with Shopify

Whalesync's Shopify connector automates the connection between your Shopify store and a variety of other tools, including Airtable, Google Sheets and Notion. Easily manage your Shopify products directly from a spreadsheet or sync your Shopify customers with your favorite CRM.


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Frequent Questions

Does Whalesync really support two-way syncing?

Yes! We support multi-directional syncing. For example, let's say you connect Airtable and Notion. You can make updates in either and it will populate the other (and vice versa).

What happens if my data has an error?

As soon as Whalesync notices an error, we alert you in the Whalesync dashboard. This alert will give you the information necessary to fix the issue. In the meantime, Whalesync will continue to sync all data that doesn't have errors.

What are the most common use cases for Whalesync?

People use Whalesync for all kinds of things! We come in handy any time it's helpful to connect at least two tools. Whalesync has been used to create job boards, marketing dashboards, blogs, web apps, and more. One of the more powerful use cases we see is as a source of truth across the company's data.

no-code data sync

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The no-code data tool for builders

We keep your data in sync, so you can focus on your product.

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Two-way sync

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