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Internal Tools
Key outcome

2,000 records synced

We synced 2,000 KYC records for a no-code app built on Bubble and Airtable.

Our project would simply not have been possible without Whalesync. It allowed us to connect Bubble with Airtable in a way we could not have built on our own.

Pierre-Yves Garcia
How we use Whalesync

Bubble is a no-code development tool that enables us to build custom internal tools for our clients. 9x used Whalesync to connect a client-facing Bubble app to the company's ERP built in Airtable. Our client gets the best of both worlds: a custom client-facing app and an intuitive ERP connected to each other.

Why we love Whalesync

Simple to implement

Enables us to receive and manage Bubble data in Airtable

Great support on Slack when we have questions

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