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Programmatic SEO
Key outcome

100+ pages ranked in <1 month

We ranked on Google for tons of programmatic SEO pages in under thirty days.

I started Ajust as a solo, non-technical founder. Thanks to Whalesync and other no-code tools, we were able to build products that have helped hundreds of consumers. Whalesync made it possible to implement ambitious features on our Webflow site, like live feeds and business scorecards.

Tom Kaldor
How we use Whalesync

Ajust is a platform that helps consumers resolve complaints with banks, energy companies, telecommunications providers and other businesses. On our website, we have separate pages for each business - with a scorecard, live feed and information for consumers. We use Whalesync to create these pages by connecting Airtable to Webflow.

Why we love Whalesync

Unlocks extra value from existing Airtable data

Easy to use without engineering support

Connects with the best no-code tools

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