Whalesync +

Brightline Media

Programmatic SEO
Key outcome

62x increase in impressions

We created 273 new programmatic SEO pages with Whalesync. Through these newly indexed pages, we achieved over 1,000 ranked keywords and grew impressions 62x in less than 3 months.

It simply wouldn’t have been possible for us to have a Webflow developer create individual pages for each city within Webflow itself, and it definitely wouldn’t have been funded.

Barrett O'Neill
Founder & CEO
How we use Whalesync

Brightline Media is a backlinking and SEO agency that helps companies increase their revenue by converting more prospects into customers through search traffic. We used Whalesync to build out our own internal programmatic SEO strategy. With Whalesync, we were able to build hundreds of location-based pages in hours.

Why we love Whalesync

Quick setup

Scaled page creation

Works with both Webflow & WordPress

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