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Programmatic SEO
Key outcome

2100% increase in impressions in 3 months

Our site has generated 33.2K organic search impressions in the three months since the projects launched, a 2100% increase over the prior three months. Additionally, we realized a 715% increase in organic search clicks.

Whalesync enables organic search growth for our early-stage startup. Whalesync helped us realize a 2100% increase in organic search impressions and opened our eyes to exciting SEO possibilities. We're huge fans!­čĆů

Rylan Talerico
How we use Whalesync

As a new entrant in the B2C music production market and an early-stage startup, our challenge is increasing market awareness and onboarding early adopters while keeping our CAC low. When beginning marketing, we knew that organic search represented a tremendous opportunity for our business as a growth driver but that our six-page site map wouldn't move the needle. So, we turned to programmatic SEO and Whalesync to expand our site map and build valuable resources for musicians online.

Why we love Whalesync

Inspiring tutorials

Easy to implement and maintain

Simple and reliable

Excellent customer service

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