Whalesync +

Deep Research

Programmatic SEO
Key outcome

100+ hours saved

We were able to quickly implement programmatic SEO to the client website which saved us 100s of hours of manual configuration between Airtable and Webflow.

Huge fan of the tool and the team behind it. Using Whalesync is extremely easy and the issues that we ran into were quickly resolved by the team. We've used it for our clients with great success and will continue to do so in future projects.

Abhishek Kumar
SEO Consultant
How we use Whalesync

Deep Research, along with Ignore No More agency, built pSEO pages for our client and used Airtable as our database. Whalesync helped us seamlessly connect Airtable data to the Webflow website. Any time we had questions, Whalesync support was amazing - they always respond within a few minutes.

Why we love Whalesync

Simple to set up

Enables us to manage our content process in Airtable

Syncs in real-time and has 2-way sync

The best support I've seen in SaaS

Supports rich text fields and reference fields

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