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Ignore No More Agency

Programmatic SEO
Key outcome

100+ SEO pages created

We linked 100s of programmatic SEO pages across Airtable and Webflow. This allowed us to scale our SEO efforts massively and at the same time saved us tons of hours. We also love the 2-way sync and the ability to add custom settings to text. The 2-way sync was critical when we cleaned our Airtable about a month back.

Creating programmatic pages was a nightmare before Whalesync! With it, we can seamlessly setup an Airtable, link the records, and boom shakalaka - dozens of landing pages built beautifully on our Webflow sites. Our clients are thrilled at how fast we can build landing pages, and we’re delighted at how painless they are to build!

Sophia O’Neal
How we use Whalesync

Ignore No More is a branding and marketing agency scaling unignorable SaaS brands. We build custom marketing based on our client’s customers’ needs and pain points. To manage and update landing page content for programmatically created pages we use Whalesync. It allows us to quickly update pages en-masse without diving in Webflow’s CMS and helps us create and test landing page versions on the fly. 

Why we love Whalesync

User-friendly interface

Streamlines our content management process in Notion.

Syncs in real-time, so that our team and clients always have access to the latest updates.

Helps save time and ensures a smooth workflow

Allows for a greater flexibility and customization in our content management processes.

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