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Optimize Your Marketing

Programmatic SEO
Key outcome

300% avg increase in impressions in 30 days

We saved 100s of hours making SEO pages with Whalesync. So far, we've created 5 client projects and there's been a 300% average increase in impressions and 10-30% average increase in clicks in just 30 days.

I've been using Whalesync for about a year now and the work that I have been able to accomplish for our clients is absurd! We have made roughly 500 PSEO pages for 2-3 different clients and have seen incredible results in each client's search console! Whalesync is an absolute must for our agency.

Ian Binek
How we use Whalesync

Optimize Your Marketing is a B2B SaaS digital marketing agency that uses programmatic SEO to build pages fast! Using Whalesync, we can quickly create integration pages, competitor pages, feature pages, connector pages, ABM pages, etc. This helps us drive more impressions and clicks to our client's site without needing to pay for ads!

Why we love Whalesync

Very responsive and listens to the community

Saves a ton of time

Brings solutions to clients that normally wouldn't be able to

Increases search traffic faster

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