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Key outcome

7,000 records synced in real-time

We created a huge database of medical knowledge that many of our partners want to access in order to share with their customers. With Whalesync, we provide our partners with this database without having to build a costly and complicated API.

We are now able to give several partners access to our database thanks to Whalesync. Without Whalesync, we wouldn't be able to have access to our database in real-time.

William De Broucker
How we use Whalesync

We use Whalesync to duplicate our Webflow CMS into Airtable (one-way sync). This allows us to give our partners access to our database without having to spend a fortune on building an API. We use the one-way sync, so we don't have to worry about any changes our partners make in Airtable. With our Whalesync setup, we know this won't affect our production site.

Why we love Whalesync

Very easy to use - without code

Great customer service

Real-time sync on thousands of records

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