Whalesync +

Something For That

No-Code Apps
Key outcome

2,000 records in sync

We're able to manage over 2,000 softwares listings, blog posts, & other CMS items

I couldn't imagine building my no-code web app without Whalesync, truly. Data management is already overwhelming, so being able to use an external CMS that connects seamlessly to Webflow is so satisfying. It makes me excited to grow my database!

Asaiah Lewis
How we use Whalesync

Something For That is software marketplace that acts like web app where users can browse, save, & try out thousands of apps across hundreds of categories. This no-code build used Whalesync to manage softwares listings, blog posts, & other CMS items. Items are are easily managed through Airtable & sync directly to Webflow in real-time.

Why we love Whalesync

Catches EVERY error

2-way sync prevents duplicate or missing records


Instant automation

Record capacity

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