Whalesync +

ZeroBreak Digital

Key outcome

20+ hours saved per week

We saved 20+ hours per week through automated product management.

When we came upon Whalesync, it changed everything. Prior to this, it was a landscape of cumbersome tools and half-solutions syncing Airtable data into Webflow. Now we have that ability with little to no effort, but it's opened doors and possibilities to business automation solutions for our clients.

Brian Gotti
Creator of Things
How we use Whalesync

We leveraged Whalesyc to allow our eCommerce customer running an aftermarket motorcycle parts store to manage thousands of products and orders from Airtable. This tool enabled them to manage in-stock amounts, product details and images, partner warehouse availability, and even automate customer order processing from one Airtable base.

Why we love Whalesync

Syncs in real-time

Robust data mapping and consolidation of data

Enables us to develop more capable business solutions for our clients

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