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No-Code Data Tools Market Map 2023
Data Automation

No-Code Data Tools Market Map 2023

The most innovative tools in the No-Code Data industry

Manish Gaudi
March 22, 2023

2023 No-Code Data Tools Market Map

Today, we’re introducing the definitive 2023 No-Code Data Tools Market Map! We are going to track all of the amazing no-code data tools that are hitting the market at a frenetic pace.

From our view, the market is segmented into 3 categories: Storage, Connections, and Visualization. Within each segment, we have subcategories as well.

In the Storage category, we obviously have Databases, but also No-Code Backends, and Spreadsheet-based DB products. Several new entrants have emerged and are trying to capture the Spreadsheet DB market in particular in the past few years.

In the Connections category, we start with Automation Platforms and Embedded Automation Platforms. Both are part of the broader Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) movement to satisfy no-code automation use cases. The difference between these groups is that Automation Platforms focus on self-service automation, and Embedded Automation Platforms focus on white-labeling automation capabilities to other SAAS providers. We also have Datasync products (👋), Import tools, traditional ETL products, “live spreadsheets,” and Reverse ETL products to push data around the cloud in any way your business needs.

Finally, in the Visualizations category, we only have 2 major groups: Business Intelligence (BI) platforms and Internal Tools products. BI tools are trying to democratize the traditionally heavyweight products that require a lot of custom integrations for users to get clean, robust views into their data. Internal Tools products are trying to make it as quick and easy as possible to spin up views into data to enable decision-making and insights generation without needing an engineering team to do so.

This Market Map is a living, breathing doc, so if we left anyone out unintentionally, please hit us up in Slack or on Twitter and let us know!

Manish Gaudi

Manish is the Head of Product Strategy at Whalesync and one of the company's first investors. He's previously led teams at Facebook NPE and Google Area 120.

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