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Airtable x Airtable (Two-Way Sync!)
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Airtable x Airtable (Two-Way Sync!)

Go beyond Airtable’s sync features with two-way sync between your bases

Matthew Busel
July 4, 2022

We’ve got a fun one to share… Whalesync now lets you two-way sync two Airtable bases. Connect two Airtable bases together and data will sync in both directions as you make updates 🤯.

Prior to this release, Airtable’s native “Sync” feature was the best way to connect Airtable bases. While very useful, the one complaint we heard about Airtable Sync is that it only enables one-way updates. With our Airtable x Airtable sync, you can finally sync data bi-directionally between bases.

A couple extra bonuses:

  • You do not need to be on an Airtable paid plan to use Whalesync
  • You can sync two Airtable bases that belong to different Airtable accounts
  • You can sync linked records (see docs)

Airtable is one of our favorite apps to work with, so we loved building this one. Let us know what other apps you’d like to sync Airtable with next!

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync. He's been a no-coder since the ancient days of WordPress and thinks a lot about product.

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