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Announcing Our $1.8M Pre-Seed Round
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Announcing Our $1.8M Pre-Seed Round

We’re building the shared data layer for SaaS apps, starting with Airtable, Webflow, Notion, Bubble, & Postgres

Matthew Busel
January 26, 2023

Today we’re excited to share that we raised a $1.8M pre-seed round from YCombinator, Ascend, Liquid2, Soma, and many other amazing funds and operators. While we have so much more work to do, we want to first say thank you to our earliest customers who believed in our vision back when Whalesync was a barely working MVP. Now, hundreds of customers across 30+ countries sync millions of rows of data with Whalesync and we’re thrilled to take the next steps in building the shared data layer.

Whalesync Today

Whalesync lets you sync data bi-directionally between Airtable, Webflow, Notion, Bubble, & Postgres (with many more connectors coming soon!). Unlike automation tools or data pipelines which push data one-way, Whalesync actually understands what data you have in each app and continuously keeps it in sync. All you have to do is tell Whalesync which tables and fields you want to sync and we do the rest.

By syncing data rather than pushing it, Whalesync unlocks an entirely new set of use cases for operators. It turns out, when you can connect your tools deeply, you can do a whole lot more than if you’re stitching things together with automations. For example:

  • Alchemy builds programmatic SEO pages for their Dapp Store by syncing Airtable & Webflow.
  • Webflow (the company) powers their events calendar and is able to manage it all from a spreadsheet
  • XRay builds internal tools on top of their tools directory Postgres database

We’ve been blown away by all the creative products Whalesync Pioneers have been able to build by combining different tools together. If you want to check out Whalesync, feel free to give it a spin here!

Where We’re Going
“No-code tools like Webflow, Notion, and Airtable have recently emerged as some of the fastest growing software products in the world, but siloed data and a lack of interoperability create a new set of challenges. Whalesync has the right team and a unique technological approach that allows dynamic and seamless data integration across the category. This will be a catalyst for enabling no-code to reach wide adoption.” - Kirby Winfield, Ascend General Partner

Whether you’re using Airtable & Webflow to build a no-code app or Salesforce & Snowflake to update your data warehouse, we believe data syncing should be easy. The standard today is to either architect your own logic using automation tools or hire data engineers to manage data pipelines. We envision a world where connecting your SaaS apps is more like opening a file in Dropbox. You don’t have to tell Dropbox “if I make an update to a doc on my computer then update the same file in the cloud”. Instead, you just connect your computer to Dropbox and everything works.

Realizing this vision is going to be a long road and we couldn’t be more excited to be on it :). The next step in 2023 will be unlocking new use cases by building the connectors our community has requested. While we started with no-code tools (Airtable, Webflow, Notion, Bubble) and databases (Postgres), this year we’ll be adding support for use cases around e-commerce, CRMs, financial data, and marketing ops. If you have a connector you’d like us to build let us know!

Thank you again to the entire Whalesync Pioneers community for being on this journey with us. We couldn’t be more excited for what we’re going to build together 💙.

- The Whalesync Team

The team at our bi-annual Whalesummit in January

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync and author of the book Game Changer.

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