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Notion Databases Two-Way Sync!
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Notion Databases Two-Way Sync!

Announcing the launch of our newest connector: Notion

Matthew Busel
July 7, 2022

We’ve got an exciting one! Today we’re releasing our Notion database connector. You can now real-time, two-way sync Notion with Airtable and Webflow 💥.

Why we built a Notion connector

Our goal is to make it easy to share data across all SaaS apps. We want to help create a world where data flows seamlessly between any tool your business uses. Eventually we’ll support thousands of integrations, but for now we need to prioritize the connectors we’ll build first.

We care deeply about user feedback, so when Notion became our #1 most requested integration, we listened. We heard time and again how people wanted to connect Notion to their other tools and go beyond simple one-way automations. With our Notion database connector, we’re excited to enable true two-way sync for many of these use cases.

On top of that, we’re Notion users ourselves! Notion serves as our internal wiki, CRM, and content manager. It’s been a treat to build an integration we could instantly use to improve our own workflow.

What this enables

Notion x Airtable

Do you use Notion as your wiki, but Airtable as your CRM? Sync the two and control your Airtable CRM directly from Notion.

Notion x Webflow

Managing thousands of items in your Webflow CMS can get unwieldy. Instead, use a Notion database to manage your Webflow CMS.

Connector details

Our Notion connector syncs data into and out of any Notion database. We support all Notion field types - even reference fields! Check out our docs for more details.

Additionally, you can click thru How to sync Notion and Airtable with Whalesync for a step-by-step guide or watch our Airtable x Notion Youtube demo.

Get started

You can try a free trial of the new Notion connector by following the links here.

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync and author of the book Game Changer.

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