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Bubble Two-Way Sync!
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Bubble Two-Way Sync!

Announcing the launch of our newest connector: Bubble

Matthew Busel
October 31, 2022

Big news! Today we’re releasing our Bubble connector. You can now real-time, two-way sync Bubble with Airtable, Webflow, Notion, and Postgres 🎉.

Why we built a Bubble connector

At Whalesync, we’re on a mission to connect data across all your apps. We’re doing this not because we love “data”, but because we love what seamless integration enables people to do. So far Whalesync users have built internal tools, created thousands of SEO landing pages, no-code apps and more.

With the launch of our Bubble connector, we’re thrilled to enable a whole new set of use cases in the no-code world.  Bubble is one of the most popular and powerful no-code tools out there helping people without technical skills to create complex apps. When you connect the Bubble database to Airtable, Webflow, or Postgres you unlock a whole new set of possibilities.

What this enables

Bubble x Airtable

Bubble is awesome, but its data editor is hard to work with. Instead, use Airtable to manage and edit your Bubble data. This makes it easy to build internal tools connected to Bubble.

See our demo with 9x where we built an Airbnb management tool.

Bubble x Postgres

Ever with your Bubble app could interact with your production data in Postgres? Now it can. Use an infinitely scalable Postgres database to power Bubble.

Get started

You can try a free trial of the new Bubble connector here!

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync and author of the book Game Changer.

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