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HubSpot Notion Integration: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

HubSpot Notion Integration: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

The best ways to connect HubSpot and Notion depending on your use case.

Matthew Busel
December 29, 2023

HubSpot is one of the most powerful CRM tools on the market. Notion is one of the most flexible, wikis out there. When integrated, HubSpot and Notion form a powerful duo that can enable advanced workflows on top of your CRM.

There are many products that claim to integrate HubSpot and Notion so it can be hard to make sense of it all. This guide was written to help you fight through the noise and choose the best HubSpot Notion integration tool for your specific use case. Below we list our favorite HubSpot x Notion connectors based on what they uniquely bring to the table.

Happy integrating! 🔗

Best HubSpot Notion Integration Tools


  1. Whalesync → best for 2-way sync
  2. Relay → best for human-in-the-loop flows
  3. Plus → best for dashboards
  4. Zapier → best for simplicity
  5. Nanonets → best for reporting

Best for 2-Way Sync: Whalesync

Company: Whalesync

Website: Link

Best For: 2-way sync

Whalesync is a power automation tool. It enables you to do things that are impossible in classic tools like Zapier. Where Whalesync’s HubSpot Notion integration shines is that it supports true two-way sync.

With Whalesync, you can set up a continuous bi-directional sync that deeply connects HubSpot and Notion. Rather than designing a series of “if-this-then-that” flows, like you would with Zapier, Whalesync handles syncing out of the box. Whenever data changes in HubSpot it syncs to Notion and vice versa.

While other tools on this list are better for simple use cases, Whalesync is the power tool you pull out when you need to truly and reliably connect HubSpot and Notion.

Whalesync supports the following HubSpot objects which sync with Notion databases:

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Custom Objects
  • Notes
  • Quotes
  • Tasks
  • Tickets
  • Line Items
  • Products
  • Tickets

Setting up Whalesync takes just a few minutes. You simply:

  1. Pick the HubSpot objects and Notion tables you want to sync
  2. Specify the fields you want synced
  3. Turn it on

For a more detailed overview of Whalesync’s HubSpot x Notion sync you can book a demo.

Best Human-in-the-Loop Flows: Relay

Company: Relay

Website: Link

Best For: Human-in-the-loop flows

Relay is a relatively new entrant into the data automation world having launched on Product Hunt in October 2023. They boast a sleek design and great UX with strong HubSpot and Notion connectors. Where Relay shines is that they enable “human-in-the-loop” workflows as part of what they call “playbooks”.

Most automation tools are built to do exactly that… automate your work. Relay’s unique point of view is that many processes can’t be fully automated and instead need a human for parts of it. With a Relay playbook, you can design a workflow where for example, a new Deal in HubSpot creates a new record in Notion and then waits for a human confirmation before moving on to the next step.

While Relay has fewer HubSpot actions and triggers than tools like Zapier, their human-in-the-loop functionality is one of a kind. We highly recommend Relay for teams with multi-step operations.

Supported HubSpot actions in Relay
Supported HubSpot actions in Relay

Relay doesn’t have a HubSpot x Notion-specific YouTube video, but you can get a sense of their platform from their HubSpot x Google Slides video below.

Best for Dashboards: Plus

Company: Plus

Website: Link

Best For: Dashboards

Plus is a unique one for this list. Unlike most of the tools that integrate HubSpot and Notion, Plus isn’t an automation tool. Instead, it’s a product that lets you embed live snapshots of your data into apps like Notion or Google Slides.

With Plus’ HubSpot embed, you can take a live, updating chart from HubSpot and place it into Notion. As data changes in HubSpot, it will update the chart and appear in your Notion workspace.

This is a great tool for anyone who uses Notion as their home base for dashboards. Rather than taking screenshots and copy-pasting them into Notion or switching back and forth between tabs, you get a live connection ready-made for you.

Best for Simplicity: Zapier

Company: Zapier

Website: Link

Best For: Simplicity

Ah, Zapier - the OG! If you haven’t heard of Zapier by now, you should have. They’re the category leader when it comes to self-serve automation tools. With over 6,000 integrations you can connect just about anything. Importantly, they have well-built HubSpot and Zapier connectors.

What’s nice about Zapier is that it’s very easy to use. If you’re new to the automation game, Zapier is the perfect place to start. It offers simple if-this-then-that flows that let you craft your own logic. Perfect for simple things like “when a new Deal is created in HubSpot, create a new record in Notion”.

As you can see below, Zapier offers plenty of triggers & actions for HubSpot so you can build just about any logic you need. The one place Zapier falls short is in handling complex use cases like two-way sync or bulk updates which would be better suited for power tools.

Zapier also offers a ton of helpful resources for all their connectors including this short video sharing the basics of HubSpot and Notion connection.

Best for Reporting: Nanonets

Company: Nanonets

Website: Link

Best For: Reporting

Nanonets is another interesting new entrant to the automation space. Their product mixes automation with AI allowing you to extract and enrich data as part of automations. For example, with HubSpot, you can apply Nanonets AI to classify and score leads before adding them to your CRM.

Outside of the AI piece, Nanonets’ HubSpot x Notion integration works similar to Zapier with triggers and actions. For a relatively new tool, Nanonets has a solid number of triggers and actions available making it a viable choice for integrating Notion and HubSpot.

It comes down to your use case

Ultimately, there are a lot of options for connecting HubSpot and Notion. The best choice for you will come down to what you’re trying to accomplish. If you need to deeply connect HubSpot and Notion with a two-way sync, book a demo to learn more about Whalesync. 

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync and author of the book Game Changer.

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