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Top 10 Zapier alternatives 2023

Top 10 Zapier alternatives 2023

Best alternatives for Zapier for 2023

Vinze Janxent Virgines
December 20, 2022

Zapier is one of our favorite tools at Whalesync. They’re the OG if you will 😜. While we’re happy Zapier customers, there are a handful of Zapier alternatives that do amazing things as well.

Zapier is known for its dead-simple-to-get-started user experience and breadth of integrations. Each of the Zapier alternatives below has its own superpowers that make it better or worse for certain use cases. We hope you can find the right combination to streamline your work in the coming year!

Best Zapier Alternatives


Pricing: Free trial, starts at $39/mo

Whalesync (🙋) lets you two-way sync data between apps like Airtable, Webflow, Notion, Bubble, and Postgres. It’s the only tool on this list that lets you two-way sync data as compared to one-way updates like Zapier. This means that any changes you make in one app will automatically be reflected in the other, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date and consistent across all of your connected tools. This unlocks pretty powerful use cases like programmatic SEO (Airtable + Webflow) or no-code apps (Airtable + Bubble). For more details on the difference between syncing and automation check out our State of No-Code Data Sync 2022 report.

Why we’re excited about Whalesync:

  • Two-way sync
  • Instant updates
  • Deep field support (rich text, linked records, etc.)
  • User-friendly and straightforward interface


Pricing: Free, starts at $9/mo

Make (formerly Integromat) is like Zapier’s slightly more technical cousin. While still very much a no-code tool, it has a steeper learning curve than Zapier but more flexibility. One common complaint about Zapier is that it can get expensive quickly. Make offers similar functionality at a more affordable price. With Make, you can design and build custom solutions for your business without any coding skills. This makes it a great option for non-technical users who want to automate their workflows and improve their productivity.

Why we’re excited about Make:

  • All-in-one platform
  • Over 1000+ integrations
  • Ready to use templates


Pricing: Free trial, starts at $20/mo

n8n wants to be the open-source Zapier. Like Zapier, it’s a tool that makes it easy to connect and integrate apps and services using APIs. It allows for the manipulation and transformation of data, enabling users to automate and streamline their workflows without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

As an open-source tool, it’s a great alternative to Zapier for those looking for a more customizable and cost-effective solution. With its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, n8n provides an excellent way to connect and automate your favorite apps and services, all while benefiting from the flexibility and community support of an open-source platform.

Why we’re excited about n8n:

  • Open-source
  • Visual workflow editor
  • Multi-trigger workflows
  • User management


Pricing: $599/mo

If you run an e-commerce business, you should absolutely check out Alloy Automation. Alloy started as an e-commerce-focused version of Zapier, but has evolved quite a bit. They integrate with over 180 apps largely revolving around the e-commerce space. Recently, they seem to have gone upmarket raising their price to $599/mo. The fundamental product is still similar to Zapier with trigger/action capabilities. Overall, Alloy is a valuable asset for any ecommerce business looking to optimize their operations and can be a great substitute for Zapier.

Why we’re excited about Alloy:

  • Ecommerce focused
  • Time-based Triggers
  • Send text messages


Pricing: Free, paid starts at $80/mo

Another great alternative to Zapier is Parabola , it is a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows users to easily manage and transform their data. With its drag-and-drop interface and customizable components, Parabola offers a range of features that make it a great solution specifically for data transformation. Users can quickly and easily pull in data from various sources, combine and manipulate it in bulk, and export the transformed data to their desired location. The platform also offers extensive integration options, allowing users to easily connect to a wide variety of popular apps and services, making it a great alternative to Zapier. This makes it an ideal solution for automating repetitive tasks and streamlining data management processes.

Why we’re excited about Parabola:

  • Collaborate with your team
  • Focuses on data transformation


Pricing: Free

Bardeen is an automation app that allows users to streamline their workflow by creating shortcuts for their most common and repetitive tasks. It is a great alternative to Zapier but the key differentiator for Bardeen is that it’s available via a Chrome extension. You can literally create automations directly from your Google Chrome bar. Ultimately, Bardeen's user-friendly interface makes it easy for almost anyone to create and manage their shortcuts, even if you have little to no experience with automation tools.

Why we’re excited about Bardeen:

  • Chrome extension
  • Tons of templates
  • Product of the month on PH


Pricing: Free trial, custom pricing

  • Most of the automation tools on this list are built for end users to interact with their data
  • Tray, on the other hand, is a platform that allows companies to bring Zapier-like capabilities into their own product.

The Tray Platform is a tool that allows users to automate complex processes within their organization. It has a powerful and flexible platform that allows users to connect to their entire cloud stack using APIs. This can help streamline and simplify a wide range of business processes, saving time and improving efficiency. The platform can be used by anyone within an organization, from individual employees to teams and departments, to automate a wide range of tasks and processes. In addition, the Tray Platform can also be a great substitute for tools like Zapier, offering many of the same features and functions but with a more robust and flexible platform. With the Tray Platform, users can automate a wider range of processes and tasks, and connect to a broader range of apps and services. Whether looking to improve personal productivity or streamline complex business processes, the Tray Platform is a great choice.

Why we’re excited about Tray:

  • Platform for in-house automations
  • Crypto encryption and data hash
  • 600+ different connectors

Retool Workflows

Pricing: Free, paid starts at $10/mo

Retool is a popular tool for building internal applications in a low-code environment, allowing developers to easily create frontend components using a drag and drop interface. While its core product does not compete with Zapier, the company recently introduced a new product called Retool Workflows, which expands upon its capabilities and potentially brings it into new areas of competition. Regardless, Retool remains a valuable tool for developers looking to quickly and efficiently build custom internal tools.

Retool Workflows is a tool that allows developers to create automated processes that can interact with their data sources. It uses pre-built blocks of SQL and JavaScript to query and transform data, make API requests, and run additional logic. Retool Workflows is a powerful alternative to tools like Zapier, but it is designed for developers who have some knowledge of programming. One of the key advantages of Retool Workflows is that it allows developers to use SQL and JavaScript to interact with their data. Another advantage of Retool Workflows is that it offers a wide range of pre-built blocks that can be used to perform common tasks. Overall, Retool Workflows is a powerful tool for developers who want to automate complex tasks and interact with their data in new and powerful ways.

Why we’re excited about Retool:

  • Built for developers
  • Mobile access

Zoho Flow

Pricing: Free trial, Starts at $10/mo

Zoho Flow is a powerful tool that is part of the Zoho suite of online office products. It seamlessly integrates with other Zoho products, making it a great choice for users who are already familiar with the suite. Additionally, it offers an alternative to Zapier for those looking for a different option. Zoho Corporation, the creators of the suite, are known for their user-friendly and intuitive products, and Zoho Flow is no exception. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful functionality, it's a valuable addition to any business's toolkit.

Why we’re excited about Zoho Flow:

  • Webhook integrations and variables
  • Native integrations with Zoho CRM and QuickBooks


Pricing: Free, paid starts at $3.33/mo

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web-based service that allows users to create and automate actions based on certain triggers. IFTTT is a pioneer in the field of automation, providing users with a simple and user-friendly platform to automate a wide range of tasks and processes. It connects different devices, services, and apps through a series of "applets" that can perform a variety of tasks. For example, an applet might be set up to automatically turn off a user's smart lights when they leave their home. This can help users save time and effort by automating routine tasks, and can improve their productivity. IFTTT is free to use and is available on a variety of platforms. This can be a cool alternative to Zapier for non-technical users.

Why we’re excited about IFTTT:

  • Great for nontechnical users
  • No code/Low code Solutions
  • Ready to use templates

Honorable mentions


Pricing: Custom pricingWorkato is a leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions, with a focus on serving the needs of enterprises. As a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Workato offers a comprehensive platform for automating business processes and integrating applications. This platform goes beyond traditional iPaaS capabilities by providing intelligent automation capabilities, allowing users to automate complex tasks and make decisions based on data and business rules. This makes it a valuable tool for both business users and IT professionals who need to automate and integrate their applications and processes. In addition, Workato's platform can be a great substitute for other automation tools, such as Zapier, as it offers similar capabilities but with a focus on the needs of enterprises.

Why we’re excited about Workato:

  • Mobile app
  • Multiple steps condition

Microsoft Power Automate

Pricing: starts at $15/user/mo

Power Automate is a service from Microsoft that allows users to create automated workflows between different apps and services. These workflows, also known as "flows," can be used to automate a wide range of tasks, such as synchronizing files, sending notifications, and collecting data. With Power Automate, users can connect their favorite apps and services, such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Twitter, and create flows that are triggered by certain events or conditions. The service includes a range of pre-built templates and connectors, as well as a visual flow designer, to make it easy for users to get started with creating flows. Overall, Power Automate is a powerful tool that can help users automate tasks and save time and effort in their daily work.

Why we’re excited about Microsoft Power Automate:

  • Can work across all platforms

Vinze Janxent Virgines

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