Why we’re building Whalesync 2.0

It's time for data automation to evolve

SaaS explosion

In the last decade or so, we’ve experienced something magical in the business world… the explosion of SaaS. More tools, more software, more power for everyone!

Data silo problem

But with all these tools came consequences. Naturally, data silos formed as well as a strong need to connect apps.

Zapier’s promise

Fortunately, Zapier came about, along with a host of other automation tools. They promised to be the glue that connected all these apps helping us reach connected SaaS nirvana.

Today’s reality

Of course, that’s not exactly how it played out. While if-this-then-that tools brought useful automations, they created their own problems. Point-to-point solutions worked great for a few simple workflows but quickly became a fragile mess for complex integrations. Soon the status quo became an entanglement of constantly failing, interdependent workflows.

Sales ops deserve better

We believe ops teams deserve better. No matter your title, operators are the builders and problem-solvers who connect data and keep the business running. We shouldn’t be spending our days fixing broken automations or pleading for budget to build custom integrations.

Automation for your mission-critical data

This is why we’re building Whalesync 2.0 - to free ops leaders from the tyranny of automation hell. WS 2.0 handles your most complex integrations, like two-way sync, without a fragile 20-step workflow. It treats monitoring and alerting as a first-class citizen so troubleshooting integrations doesn’t become half your job. And WS 2.0 is built with reliability in mind from the start with enterprise-grade security and scalability.

Join the design program

If you’re an operator who wants to help shape the future of data automation, we'd love to collaborate! We're working with a small group of amazing design partners to ensure we build something truly special. If that sounds like you, apply below - we'd love to connect.

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Our investors

Whalesync is backed some of the top investors in the world including those below and dozens of other operators and angels.

Whalesync customers

Hundreds of customers love Whalesync 1.0 today. We’re thankful for all they teach us that we’re able to bring to the development of WS 2.0.

Whalesync 2.0

It's time for data automation to evolve.