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Whalesync in the Wild: Brightline
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Whalesync in the Wild: Brightline

How Brightline increased impressions 62x with Whalesync

Manish Gaudi
April 24, 2023

“For the first time, we can actually scale programmatic SEO campaigns for our clients”

As a product leader, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing bonafide experts in their field turn to your solution for an age-old problem. And our friends at Brightline Media are doing just that - using Whalesync’s programmatic SEO solution both for themselves and their consulting clients. 

Brightline Media, a backlinking and SEO agency based in Boston, MA, helps companies increase their revenue by converting more prospects into customers through search traffic. Brightline has cracked the code on how to scale SEO and target keywords to increase domain authority and rank higher for organic search results. Brightline’s approach is systematic, focusing on initiatives that scale across lots of “move the needle” SEO activities vs. putting weeks of time and effort into singular activities like writing the perfect blog post.

Brightline is particularly bullish on the success of programmatic SEO, a topic we’ve covered with other Whalesync clients before. Brightline’s SEO solutions can service customers anywhere in the world, but the manual work required to build individual local landing pages for their own business was simply too much. Enter Whalesync to take over the heavy lifting of building out programmatic SEO pages for them.

Brightline initially built out 273 location-based pages for its services (see an example of their Seattle page below, including custom content about the area) by connecting Airtable to Webflow in just one hour of work:

Brightline’s Seattle programmatic SEO page.

Brightline’s Seattle programmatic SEO page.

“It simply wouldn’t have been possible for us to have a Webflow developer create individual pages for each city within Webflow itself, and it definitely wouldn’t have been funded” - Barrett O’Neil, founder and CEO of Brightline. 

For Brightline, the results have even surpassed their expectations as experts in the field.

Through these newly indexed 273 pages, and in less than 3 months, Brightline achieved:

  • Over 1000 ranked keywords
  • A 62x growth in impression count 🤯

In fact, Barrett, a leader in SEO who has a 100,000+ following on social media, recently tweeted about how these results impact the bottom-line of his business:

Barrett’s tweet about programmatic SEO

Barrett’s tweet about programmatic SEO

Now, Brightline is commercializing these capabilities and bringing scaled programmatic SEO using tools like Airtable, Webflow, Wordpress, and Whalesync to all of their clients.

“Whalesync’s technology makes scaling pSEO campaigns easier and more straightforward for SEO firms like Brightline, and we’re excited to continue to invest in the solution and apply its value to our clients, several of which have already opted into our new offering.”

For more about Whalesync’s ability to power pSEO through its data syncing platform, check out our pSEO integrations template pack.

Manish Gaudi

Manish is the Head of Product Strategy at Whalesync and one of the company's first investors. He's previously led teams at Facebook NPE and Google Area 120.

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