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Notion Dark Mode

Notion Dark Mode

No fluff, step-by-step guide to enable Notion's dark mode on web and mobile.

Matthew Busel
December 14, 2021
Enable Notion dark mode screen recording


Enable Notion Dark Mode: Web

Enable Notion Dark Mode: Mobile

Enable Notion Dark Mode: Web

1. Click Settings and Members

Notion settings & members button highlighted

2. Click Appearance

Notion appearance button highlighted

3. Toggle from Light to Dark

Notion light and dark mode toggle

Enable Notion Dark Mode: Mobile

Notion dark mode mobile screen recording

1. Click the burger menu

Notion hamburger menu highlighted on mobile

2. Click Notifications and Settings

Notion settings button highlighted

3. Click the dropdown under Appearance

Notion dark mode toggle highlighted mobile

4. Toggle to Dark

Notion dark mode selected

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync. He's been a no-coder since the ancient days of Wordpress and thinks a lot about product.

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