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Certified Partner Program
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Certified Partner Program

Find Whalesync experts who can solve your business problems.

Matthew Busel
November 8, 2022

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Whalesync Certified Partner program! You can now easily connect with Whalesync experts who are skilled at implementing Whalesync and other no-code tools to solve business problems.

You can find a list of all our certified partners at If you’re interested in becoming a partner, check out the program overview here.

Why We Started the Program

Whalesync is a “horizontal tool” that can be used for many different things. This makes it very powerful (💪), but also potentially less straightforward for new users. Since launching Whalesync, the product has been used in a myriad of creative ways, but agencies in particular have seen what it can do for their clients.

As more agencies and freelancers used Whalesync, we heard multiple times how they wanted to work together more closely… so we listened! The Whalesync Partner program was designed to make life easier for agencies and freelancers who understand the power of Whalesync. Any business can now go to our Partner page and immediately find the expert they need.

Certified Partners

We’re incredibly grateful for all our Whalesync Certified Partners. They are truly the innovative builders who are pushing this industry forward. Read more about each of them below!

About 9x


9x is a Berlin-based company founded in 2021. They are on a mission to help operators automate and digitalize their processes - without depending on developers.


  • Pierre-Yves Garcia
  • Alexandre Kantjas

About BRIX Agency


BRIX Agency is a small agency with a talented team of designers & developers. Unlike huge agencies, they will treat your project as theirs, and will walk you through their process by hand.

As experts in both design & development, they help you go through the complete process. From your new website idea, to design, development, launch and scale!


  • Mauro Sicard

About Caleb Raney


Caleb Raney is a graphic designer and creative director based in New York specializing in identity and website design. Caleb is a full time freelance designer. While I specialize in creating brand identities and websites I love variety, and love taking on unique creative challenges. If you want to make a difference or re-imagine the world we live in I’d love to be a part of it.


  • Caleb Raney

About Dorxata


Dorxata make it easy. Digitize and optimize your business.

Their mission is to help companies transition away from traditional processes by digitizing and optimizing every aspect of business.

Dorxata’s core values are that:

  • They are focused on impact
  • They put people first
  • They work with integrity
  • They are always learning
  • They believe in transparency
  • They embrace risk


  • John Michael Garrido
  • Joshua Navao

About HeadStarterz


HeadStarterz specialises in Marketing for professional services.

In particular, they are experts for the legal industry. They offer profound knowledge and understanding about the specialities of the legal market and its stakeholders. Their team is highly experienced in offering comprehensive advice to law firms, individual professionals, content providers, legal tech companies and other firms within the legal industry. Their core competence lies in marketing know-how, skill and experience.

HeadStarterz is a full-service marketing agency. They are focussed on a niche market but make no compromise in our service approach. From strategic consulting, conceptual planning and project management to all elements of execution: HeadStarterz is here to help. All of their experts have +10 years of experience in their practice – in Strategic Marketing, Branding, Corporate Design and Website Development.

Think. Design. Develop. – This is what marketing with HeadStarterz means.


  • Philipp Roth

About IgnoreNoMore


IgnoreNoMore create brands that are impossible to ignore.

With everyone and their mother building a B2B SaaS company, you need an unforgettable brand and even better marketing for someone to pay for your tool.

But trying to develop an incredible product and market it as a solo founder or small-team startup is the equivalent of walking on Legos at 1 am.

That's why they create unforgettable Brand Identities, mighty (but manageable!) Marketing Plans, and money-making Landing Pages to take your startup or SaaS side hustle from pennies to paying you.


  • Sophia O’Neal

About NoCode Consulting


NoCode Consulting is a team of experienced designers, developers and engineers. They combine modern designs with clean and functional software to produce high-performing apps and services.

NoCode Consulting help companies build apps and automate work with no-code software. Build user-interfaces, SaaS apps, marketplaces, internal tools and automation better and faster. Choose from online learning, hourly consulting and project development. Their clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


  • Connor Gustafson

About Rappid


Rappid helps their customers re-imagine and re-invent their digital transformation through the power of code free technology in ways that are simple, scalable and maintainable.

Rappid helps plan, build and launch solutions that enable companies to respond quickly to digital disruption. We partner with the most innovative companies to digitize manual processes, optimize legacy systems and build robust business ecosystems.


  • Zachary Chaitman

About Sean Pritzkau


Sean Pritzkau help causes and brands learn to cut through the noise, market their mission, and use social media for social good.


  • Sean Pritzkau

About Stormfors


Stormfors is a family driven by the joy of the digital age. They love the freedom to be able to work from anywhere - and strive to over deliver and impress each and every day.

For businesses to thrive they need to adapt fast. As a NoCode Agency, Stromfors think strategically, focusing first on business outcomes, then assembling beautiful, functional websites that add real business value quickly and cost effectively.


  • Fredric Örup

About Tejus Kabadi


Riding the exponential technology curve

Developing compelling full-stack webapps using Webflow, Node.js & Airtable. Previously worked as a Blockchain Developer, top rated udemy coach with 500+ students. Tejus Kabadi is always keeping an eye out for breakthrough technologies. He is also a bookworm.


  • Tejus Kabadi

About Vikas Vimal


Vikas streamline and automate processes. He had built custom workflows for organizations of all sizes and across many industries. Vikas spent over 3500 hours building processes using Airtable and other SaaS tools. He believes that having an efficient workflow shouldn't be reserved for big companies with the budget to hire IBM, SAP, or Oracle.

With these tools, we could quickly prototype an MVP, build a customer portal or deploy a production-ready workflow.

Vikas helps growing businesses manage the chaos that inevitably arises as teams grow. Detailed discovery calls are held to identify pain points, operations processes are untangled, and no-code tools are deployed to solve project and operational challenges.


  • Vikas Vimal

About ZeroBreak Digital


Cutting edge Web Design, Development, and Mobile Apps. ZeroBreak Digital specialize in finding the total digital experience for you and your business. With seamless, personal, and easy consolation all the way up to your final design and product.

Things ZeroBreak Digital are good at...

  • Business Process Automation
  • Web and eCommerce Design
  • Digital Design
  • Email and Digital Marketing


  • Brian Gotti
Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync and author of the book Game Changer.

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