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Formula Field Support (and More)!
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Formula Field Support (and More)!

We added support for Formula fields in Airtable and much more.

Matthew Busel
February 24, 2022

Sync Formula Fields from Airtable to Webflow

We built Whalesync to make it easy to sync data across no-code tools - no matter what kind of data you have. We've seen users sync blog posts, SEO pages, user generated content and a whole lot moreAll of this data is coming from Airtable which makes it really easy to store all different types of fields. Since the beginning we've supported many of the key fields, but one glaring omission was the Airtable Formula field. As of last cycle, the Formula field is missing no more 🎉.

Amongst other improvements, we shipped support for:

  • 🔢 Formula (the #1 most requested field)
  • 📞 Phone number
  • ⚖️ Percent
  • 💱 Currency
  • 🎨 Color
  • 📁 File (eg. PDF’s)

You can now sync data from Airtable to Webflow for almost every field. For a complete list of supported fields check out our docs.

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync. He's been a no-coder since the ancient days of WordPress and thinks a lot about product.

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