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Whalesync in the Wild: Graphext
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Whalesync in the Wild: Graphext

How Graphext opened up their website content to all team members and used AI to generate better content much faster.

Manish Gaudi
July 24, 2023

“We opened up our website content to all team members, and are now able to launch much faster product updates, blog posts, and job offers.

Whalesync client Graphext built a handy and useful tool that digs into your data for you. You simply upload their data from one of their supported sources (spreadsheets, BigQuery, Snowflake, Google Sheets, Notion, etc.), and with just a couple of clicks, you can discover all sorts of automatically generated insights about your data. 

The Graphext team chose to build their website on Webflow so that their growth and design teams could easily make changes to their landing pages without needing a software developer to push changes for them. Graphext already relies on Notion as their primary source of information internally, and much of this information belongs on their Webflow site for prospects and clients to learn from. 

By enabling their internal team to manage all content in Notion, and handing the Notion —> Webflow data syncing complexity off to Whalesync, Graphext was able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Enhanced collaboration: The Graphext team can easily collaborate by writing content on Notion, a tool that the entire team is intimately familiar with.
  • Cost mitigation: This strategy only requires purchasing one extra seat on Webflow for occasional blog collaboration, and not one extra seat per team member, which would not scale well.
  • Single source of truth: Since Notion is already Graphext’s home for all company documentation (i.e. for developers and customer success teams), they didn’t have to manually rebuild that entire knowledge base within Webflow’s CMS.
  • User-friendly and efficient: Notion is simpler and faster for writing content compared to Webflow’s CMS UI.
  • Mobile capabilities: The Notion app allows us to update the landing page or create new content from mobile devices.
  • Template availability: Notion offers templates for writing various types of content, such as job positions.
  • Access to Notion AI helper: This feature further enhances content creation and management for the Graphext team, and acts as a brainstorming partner. It has significantly increased the velocity of content creation for the Graphext team.  

Specifically, Graphext currently has 6 Notion databases synced with Webflow through Whalesync, most of which are two-way sync’d:

“If Whalesync didn’t exist, we would have to manually sync all changes across Notion and Webflow, which would have been a horror for us to set up and maintain.” - Victoriano Izquierdo, CEO & Cofounder, Graphext

With this setup, Graphext’s entire team contributes to its growth and marketing function, helping the business find prospects, close sales, and troubleshoot issues. Specifically, with every team member instantly equipped to publish content in Notion, Graphext publishes much faster product updates, blog posts and job offers to their site.

And, as a result of the success of this first Whalesync integration, Victoriano and the team are now working on a new, semi-automated experiment to create a data science glossary for SEO purposes. They are using Notion AI as their co-pilot in this experiment, and everyone from the team is contributing to the content creation process. 

For more about Whalesync’s ability to power content marketing use cases through its data syncing platform, check out our content marketing template pack.

Manish Gaudi

Manish is the Head of Product Strategy at Whalesync and one of the company's first investors. He's previously led teams at Facebook NPE and Google Area 120.

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