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Whalesync 2022 Year in Review
Company Updates

Whalesync 2022 Year in Review

Looking back at some of the highlights that made this year amazing

Matthew Busel
December 30, 2022

2022 was a big year for Whalesync. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for making it possible! Your support has meant the world to our team, and we cannot thank you enough.

While we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come in 2023, we wanted to take a look at some of the highlights from this past year.

A quick refresher on what Whalesync does

Whalesync lets businesses automatically sync data between software tools. Here's a visualization of data syncing (between Airtable and Hubspot):

Because Whalesync syncs data across different types of tools, you can use it to accomplish many different things. Some of the most popular use cases for Whalesync include:

  1. Generating SEO landing pages (by syncing Airtable & Webflow)
  2. Creating internal tools (by syncing Airtable & Postgres)
  3. Building no-code apps (by syncing Bubble & Notion)

⚡ We unlocked instant sync

Most syncing tools update data once every hour or once every minute at best. Unlike most tools, this year Whalesync became instant. As soon as you make an update in one app, it syncs to the other.

🔄 Whalesync became bi-directional

In 2021, Whalesync only synced data from Airtable to Webflow. In 2022, we became one of the only tools to support two-way sync. With two-way sync, you can update data in Airtable OR Webflow, and it will update the other immediately.

➕ We expanded our connectors

We started with the peanut butter and jelly of no-code (Airtable & Webflow). This year we added Notion, Postgres, and Bubble connectors to the mix. For the math fans out there, that’s 5x as many possible connections (with more on the way)!

🎨 Whalesync got a facelift

Our before and after shots 💅. Whalesync is a next-gen no-code tool, so we wanted it to feel that way from the moment you start using it.

🤗 An amazing year for the Whalesync Pioneers community

People from all around the world have used Whalesync. In fact, we’ve had representation in over 25 countries last time we counted - many of whom hang out in the Whalesync Pioneers Slack. We also got to meet many of you in person at Webflow Conf!

👩‍💻 So many amazing apps were built with Whalesync

A few fun ones (although there are sooo many others we love!):

📣 People chatted about us

Webflow CEO Vlad Magalin gave us a shoutout at Webflow Conf.

Conor Finlayson made a video demo.

But most importantly, you shared the love!

🚀 A few more things

🔭 Looking ahead to 2023

One of our key principles when designing the first version of Whalesync was to make it as simple as possible. We saw the hours people were spending building complex Zaps and wanted to offer a 10x better solution that was as simple as picking your two apps and turning sync on. In 2023, we’ll be focused on expanding the possibilities of what you can do with Whalesync. That will mean more connectors, but also more flexibility for power users.

We truly see unlimited possibility when it comes to connecting data across businesses. We couldn’t be more excited to make progress on this vision next year and once again thanks for being a part of it!

Matthew Busel

Matthew is the co-founder of Whalesync and author of the book Game Changer.

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